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Beating a Woman Is Wrong


We were all shocked when Chris Brown beat up Rihanna in his car after the music awards they attended together. According to the article, Rihanna had Chris Brown’s phone and was using it without his permission, as she looked through his phone. Apparently, he lost it and just started beating her up. Pictures immediately circulated of her face beat up with bruises and she poses sad looking down, rather into the camera. Chris Brown was charged and was taken to court. The whole attention was on how bad Chris Brown is and how Rihanna is the ‘victim’ and she did nothing wrong. All the celebrities turned again Chris Brown and fans turned against him too. In the article, it mentions that Chris had said earlier that his father used to beat up his mom that it affected him so much that he turned to his girlfriend and did the same to her. This doesn’t give him any reason to do that, however, but according to the court, it is a possible reason for this aggressive attack. The media has a huge way of changing the line of the story. In every article, they mainly focused on how Chris Brown just started to beat her up. In reality, she was the one who started all of this. In the car, after the awards that night, she grabbed his phone out of his head while he was driving and was opening his messages, after asking her with respect not to look, she stared swearing at him heavily and acting like she is greater than him. After that, he punched her. He did not kill her however and I am not fighting for him, but it’s just annoying how the media likes to take sides. He was mistaken and apologized all of times on national TV and nobody took that in consideration. How is he supposed to act normal and alleviate that from happening again if the media won’t get off of his back. 2 years later, Rihanna went back to Chris Brown and started to date him, publicly. Why would she do that if he was completely wrong and she went on TV fighting for women’s rights to walk away from men who abuse them. She’s a hypocrite so is the media. Nobody saw her face as bruised as the photos were, they probably edited it like they do with everything. The idea of her dating him publicly and admitting it to Oprah, shows that a part of her knows that he is blamed more from the media than he should have been, and that she has a huge part of this thing, and she did not even step up once to apologize to what she has done. She did not stand up for anything because the media was too busy making her a ‘hero’ in front of everyone and she was enjoying it, which lead her to release an album during that time for more publicity and success as he hid in the dark for along time.


As the Clothes Come Off, the Magazines Dress Up


Steve Shaw, a publisher that is ‘trying’ to follow the infamous Hugh Hefner’s career in pornographic magazines with his own twist, however with his magazine “Treats”. He mentions that all the girls at the playboy mansion are always naked, old, cheap looking people. Mr. Shaw mentions that he wants to create “chic porn”- for example, a girl would be naked wearing only a black cape. It would leave a lot of imagination for the readers. Also, he mentions that his type of girls that he hires are not the typical pornographic girls, instead, people run to him telling him that they have never met such classy ladies. He is eager to create the “upscale pornography”. It is mentioned that men would want to buy these magazines because Mr. Shaw sells photos as limited-edition collector’s items. In my opinion, I think what Mr. Shaw is creating is a really good idea because all the other magazines have women nude and leaves nothing to the imagination and easy access. It’s a mind game when one thinks of it, the more you hide that mysterious element, the more people want to put the effort and walk the extra mile to find out about it. It would be a great teaser to put a picture of gorgeous woman on the cover dressed up and inside one would find more photos but limited ones as mentioned before, which makes the men want to buy it since they will never get the chance to have their hands on it again. In contrast, Hugh Hefner gave way too much to the people that they got over it very quickly because when you give away the whole package, people would not appreciate it and take it for granted. One must make oneself difficult to get and exclusive to be introduced as sexier and more alluring. Mr. Shaw mentions that when he is shooting, he doesn’t think of nude women or pornographic images, he thinks of a narrative to what’s happening in the photo, which creates more sex appeal than a nude woman with no story. Having a story lets the man think of the situation and imagine it in his head with detail to seem like it’s reality. Mr. Shaw also mentions that he is not looking for sex, rather, he is looking for seduction. Thus, the title of this article, “As the Clothes Come Off, the Magazine Dress up” in other words, its implying how on the outside is covered up and conservative, and when you open it, you find the seduction and narrative inside it all. I find this one of the most successful methods that anyone could create in a time like this, where everything is just free and open. He is going against time, which gets a certain specific attraction and mystery. Mr. Shaw is one of these people who do not go with the trend, and people who do not go with the trend always have a distinct way of capturing the medias attention.

Two French Journalists Killed


Two French journalists were killed after interviewing Ambeiry Ag Rhissa, an official with the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad. The journalists were forced into a truck by a couple of men from the local area as they resisted being pulled in.  The first thing that the media linked this situation to was the hostages held earlier that were released by Al Qaeida. However, there are other people and types of people who hold others as hostages not only Al Qaeida. I am not fighting for Al Qaeida, but I am saying that why does the media just assume if they don’t have real evidence. Besides, the french government didn’t care that much for the journalists because they didn’t even bother sending forces to rescue them or let the higher powers know what happened to them. The criminals had so much time on their hands that the French government could have helped them but decided not to. When the kidnappers saw that nothing is happening they just decided to slit their throats since they have nothing to their name and accomplished nothing from this kidnap. Why were two journalists from France walking around a place that has so much tensions with France without being watched. Moreover, they did not offer them security because the place where they left from is unsafe, interviewing an important political leader in Kidal. When they were kidnapped, the two political men that were being interviewed saw them taking the journalists in and did not do anything. Why doesn’t anyone shame these two men? Instead, they shame any name that has a bad reputation already just to put people in silence and assume so they don’t have to do their investigations. “That’s the idea that’s circulating in town now: All you have to do is kidnap a Westerner, and you can get millions,” that’s the mentality there, which is true. It literally says it all there because they wouldn’t even bother searching for these criminals, just give money until the country runs out of it. Instead of finding these criminals to deter other people from doing the same doings, they just get paid off to be silence and get over with it. I truly believe that the media makes random assumptions and are the reason for all those crimes due to the talks that they put and portray between everyone. It has a huge affect on the people that are also not involved in politics nor are from that specific country, like me as an example. After reading this article, it actually really bothers me that they always jump in against anything Arab and say that they are to blame. Yes, Arabs have created a bad image for themselves, but it doesn’t mean that one should assume its them all the time in every negative situation that happens anywhere around the world. Next time, France should worry about their foreign journalists and hire more security around them to avoid situations like these in the future at any time.