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  1. I think that this story is about an argument in a relationship over the phone. At first, everything is fine until something goes wrong on the phone, resulting in a breakup, shock, and tears. The coloring of the pictures shows the mood of the story line.

  2. I believe this story is showing a conversation that started well. But, it eventually made a wrong turn for an emotional disaster for the person in the image. This was really creative and I enjoyed it a lot.

  3. Thanks, this is what I actually intended, very similar to what you guys said:The pic that I posted of Chad Saulnier is a very depressing slideshow of photos where he gets dumped by a girl, although he gave her everything he had in him. He looks forward to talking to her, as the color of the photo shows, complete normal color. As he smiles, the picture gets more black and white and darker towards the end. He enjoys talking to her all the time, and I thought this related to me a lot, which is why I chose him to be in my slideshow. I was in a situation similar to his in the pic where I used to love talking to this one girl who pretty much used me for my money and all that stuff, which really broke my heart. It might not seem extremely creative for this project thing, but I believe that if you were in that situation and read the title, you would really be inspired by it and have this sense of understanding that someone else went through it, and he/she is still making it alive and moving on. I would show a 6th page of the present years, but the assignment was 5 photos only, so that explains a specific time and phase.

  4. I really like your decision to change the coloring of the photos, representing the sadness he is collapsing into. I think the story would be stronger if it was more subtle and had a more complex storyline.

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