Books VS Ebooks


    Article 1: “Required Reading: as textbook prices soar, students try to cope   Students are striving between collage fees and textbook fees due to the expensiveness of these materials. “With the average student shelling out $1,200 a year just on books, students, professors and policy groups are searching for ways to circumvent the high cost of traditional textbooks” (Required Reading: as textbook prices soar, students try to cope, by Martha C. White). This shows that students are clearly spending a lot on books. Some students are falling behind in learning due to their lack of textbooks. This strongly affects their class grades and education level. Some students also tried borrowing and renting books, but didn’t find that as practical as owning a book of their own. Article 2: “EBooks and cost pressures push college students away from textbooks   Many students and teachers are switching from printed textbooks to digital ones. Since digital textbooks are cheaper, more easy to transport, and yet efficient to many students out there. Unlike printed textbooks, which are much more expensive and physically heavier. “Local schools around the U.S. have started experimenting with digital textbooks and resources” (EBooks and cost pressures push college students away from textbooks, by Ellen Lee). This clarifies that schools are trying to work around their students’ needs in order for them to have the best education. In addition, it shows that schools are also willing to take chances and risks in order to make it fair for all of the students. The production of interactive textbooks is taking place too. This does not only allow students to read the material, but also watch videos, listen to audios, write sample quizzes, and share notes with each other. “A survey released last year by the Pearson Foundation found that 63 percent of college students and 69 percent of high school students believe that traditional textbooks will be phased out in the next five years” (EBooks and cost pressures push college students away from textbooks, by Ellen Lee). This shows that students are not interested in printed textbooks anymore; however, they are much more interested and look forward in digital ones. Also, many organizations are switching to digital textbooks due to their realization that students prefer it better and no longer have any interest in the traditional textbooks. Article 3:Why college students still prefer print over e-books A couple of Universities have tried EBooks instead of printable textbooks for a semester. The students have showed many interesting results concerning this change. “Students reported problems with readability, complained of eyestrain, and said the e-books were not fully compatible with all mobile devices” (Why college students still prefer print over e-books, by Katrina Schwartz). This basically clarifies that the students were suffering instead of being helped. Aside from all that, students claim that they’d still choose e-books over textbooks due to financial costs. Also, it’s a much easier transporter than textbooks.   Article 4: Academic e-books: Will they ever take off?   This article talks about students that use e-books as reference or as a quick review guide. They always go back to textbooks due to the physical appearance of it. Also, this makes it easier for them to read and study from. “The invention of this technology doesn’t mean that people don’t want physical books. They just want digital copies as well” (Academic e-books: Will they ever take off?, by Roberta Wiafe). Basically, e-books are used just as a second choice. Unlike textbooks, have more impact on students. My Opinion:   In my opinion, I think that e-books will replace printed textbooks in schools and universities. EBooks are cheaper, lighter, and more practical to students. Due to advanced technology, it would be much easier for students to use e-books since technology is already being apart of their daily lives. Also, many students suffer from loosing their textbooks, but that will not be a problem with e-books because with technology you can put apps that can find your other devices. Textbooks will also be replaced because technology is expanding fast and people are getting used to electronics more than books, which leads to students being more interested in e-books than printed textbooks. Also, the whole paper industry is suffering due to these ebooks, as well as huge newspapers like the New York Times have offered their newspapers on iPads and apps, because everyone is moving towards technology where more than one book and newspaper can be held in the same place without having one to move.


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