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The media-industry is controlled by a higher power called the web giant. It has many aspects that control specific areas. The reason why they are in control is because they created such great monopolies which great names like Amazon Apple and google, to be ahead of the game all the time with whoever wants to go against them. Of course, the government wants to intervene as usual. They want to see whether they should stop these things from happening or whether they should let it be. Google for example, however, plays a big role with this. The government asks google to give them information about the people they are searching and looking for. In that case, its a win win situation for both google and the government to work hand in hand together, so I doubt that the government will intervene within this market strategy. Many people find google dangerous because they can access peoples information and that would not be secure for anybody. (The Guardian, ´´From Google to Amazon: EU goes to war against power of US digital giants.) Some giants don’t pay taxes. For example, Netflix has come to Europe, but they set their base in Belgium, not in France, escaping the taxes and the problems that come with these tariffs. I think they are trying to interfere because they just need any excuse to protect themselves from anything that has the potential to be stronger than them. Also, they just cannot deal with anyone or any company who has made a lot of money, being a threat to them (speaking about the government). The government tries to ban these things then again need them to get information from people. So, I don’t understand whats wrong with them and they can’t be appeased by anyone or any company. I honestly believe that its a decoy in front of people to see something that isn’t there. They’re jealous monsters. Haters gonna hate.



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