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​Netflix is an on-demand entertainments platform that offers streaming of media at a monthly cost to its providers. It offers a faster chance to the viewer of getting to watch their favorite programs as compared to the cable sets. It also gives the viewer the luxury of watching whatever content they want to acquire at a given time. The advantage of this over cable is what has prompted its growth in the local American market. Ever since its creation, it has continually increased in the number of subscribers it has. This has been further enhanced by the quality of products as well as the wide range of products that it offers its clients.

​The company has set itself on trying to out muscle the already set up cable providers and has to some extent won the battle. However, the franchise aims at venturing in not only securing rights to movies but also venture into their production. The organization has set its sights at trying to produce original content that can help it in rivaling the already recognized producer. In aiming at fulfilling this, the company aims at going and investing into the international market. The aim of this is to search for a wider market that they can offer their services. The advantage of this is that it aims at increasing it profitability from the services and a wide range of media that they provide.

​Furthermore, the idea of the company venturing into the international market is one that is of high interest. The fact that the company has been able to revolutionize the industry in the American market has been one of its strongest attribute. With the wide range of cable providers, the company has been able to expand its viewer base through its wide range of operations. It has been offering its viewer not only online streaming of media but also delivery of DVD content of some of the media. The number of those subscribed to the DVD subscription has been on the decline because of the improvement on the internet industry. Moreover, the decline does not mean a reduction in its customer base because the viewing of online content is on the increase.

​Considering the international market, it lacks a provider of online content that is accessible at different geographical locations. Different countries have a different provider for their media depending on the producer of the movies. Therefore, in order to access the different movies and series from other countries, one needs to have access to this different cable providers. Moreover, the viewer can also wait to access the media at a later date after it has been available in the different sites online. The lack of a sole player that offers the viewer such a service means that this is a niche in the market that is yet to be fulfilled.

​Therefore, the fact that Netflix has already built a large viewer base in the United States means that is has a history background that can be considered as it aims at venturing in the international scene. Furthermore, it also possesses a wide customer base that can help motivate them to venturing into offering these viewers content from other countries. The availability of an available market into which they can market the different films is an bonus for them. They only need to exploit the opportunity and enjoy the benefits that will arise from them.

​Furthermore, the American market is also filled with films that have been redone from their original versions to suit the current market. The company in venturing to exploit the international market will be offering their viewer the opportunity of getting a taste of the original version of the media. However, the fact that some of the original movie version are not broadcasted on cable TV because of some of the content, Netflix will offer their viewer an unlimited access to this content at their disposal (Thomas, 2013).

​From the articles, it can also be seen that some of the viewers also try to whatever means to access media from the different countries. This can be attributed to their interest in a variety of products or by the high quality offered by producers in those countries. Therefore, this in mind and considering that Netflix offers it viewers a wide range of viewing means that by venting into the international market, this will be reduced. The organization will in turn gain an increase in the number of viewership, and this will help them fight off their competition. The competition in the industry is very stiff as each provider aims at offering their clients the most viewing as compared to their competitors.

​Therefore, Netflix venturing into the international market will bring into the beginning of a golden age in viewing. The availability of media from the different countries at an affordable price will be a revelation to viewers from the different countries.