As i follow these carriages made of metal and muscle on a paved path of modernity, I realize I am entering the heart of this nation- New York City. The cars just heading towards the massive and powerful city, while on the other street, there are no cars coming back. There are a million tall buildings in NYC, but the Empire State  Building just stands out whenever one is standing- high grounds or low grounds. The way the cars are driving, with the red lights on in the back– slowing down, which I see is as a sign of respect and carefulness entering the city that they worship and respect so much. The way the angle of the Empire State Building is facing the highway, as if it’s looking down on them, expecting them upon arrival. The way I see it, they worship it like I worship God and Meccah. Mecca being their symbol of NYC, the Empire.  However, this worship form these transportation devices is not of religion or any faith, but of pure materialism.  These beings, these people worship not symbols of gods or past times, but of designer clothing and society’s latest trend.  This land, full of tall buildings and mindless people, stands for the way of things, and how this world we live in is a massive play of non-purposeful actions.  In other words, all these structures stand for a life of unnecessary things.  All these robots who are brainwashed by the “ways” of society drive these cars and walk these streets, and it is difficult not to be one of them.

Taken By: Saad Al S (Myself).


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