I am a student from Kuwait, 3452 miles away from the place I write from as I type this, Winchendon, Massachusetts. This blogspot idea really intrigued me because I have a major passion for photography and reading peoples’ experiences in life: love, death, struggles, and achievements. It really does help one relate with the world. It is like social therapy. I would love to relate back to the bloggers, and I want to take their advice and share my anecdotes with them and try to make a change, deterring them from making the mistakes you did from past experiences. Many authors inspire me, but I inspire myself the most. Hopefully, with this interesting blog, I will accomplish and learn life lessons, information in general that wasn’t taught to me in school nor at home. I mean, just entering the site I feel inspired by all the pictures that pop out and the small words that are written, which can speak to you and mean so much to you. I have never liked blogs at all, but I feel like this can really change the way that I think about life and other people’s work. Also, this is making me looking forward because I have so much to say about a lot of things from everyday life to ancient history and its impacts on todays world. This will really change my perspectives and expand my thoughts and brain imagination, and that is why I am extremely excited to start a new journey now.


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