Article #1: Beyoncé Rejects Tradition for Social Media’s Power

​In this article, the writer talks about Beyoncé’s extraordinary album that had come with “marketing moves” such as booking many television appearances to lining up big popular brand sponsors. Although, this time, when she released her latest album, that included fourteen songs and seventeen videos, she wrote “Surprise!” to her fans instead of doing those things above. By just the first day, the album was sold to thousands of people. The writer also explains that Beyoncé had done all this to bond more with her audience. Beyoncé herself agreed that she wanted her album to come out from her personally straight to her fans, instead of listening about it from other places. More than it already is popular, the album had even gained more publicity due to many celebrities including Katy Perry and Lady Gaga promoting it through their twitter accounts. Beyoncé also states that her main focus of her albums is to be appreciated. By saying that through Facebook, more of her albums have been sold. She had been busy for the passed year, and people knew about the album and that it would be delayed which made even more people interested in buying it when it first releases.

​In my opinion, I think that social media has helped and impacted a lot in this case. Due to many people having social medias, it is a great way to market in. Especially having celebrities talk and market a specific product or thing in social medias, it makes people want this product even more and eventually purchase it. According to Beyoncé’s most popular and sold albums, after marketing it on social medias, it sold even more. I personally agree with the writer of this article because in this generation, everyone has at least one social media and can be persuaded easily by anything.

Article #2: Twitter power: how social networking is revolutionising the music business

​In this article, the writer states that there are many music-lovers out there and would do anything to purchase good music. Social medias have marketed many songs and albums that targeted audiences who are strongly willing to purchase them. Mostly celebrities who market songs using social medias target these people. Also, the writer explains that many years ago, before social media, teenagers would go purchase songs and chat about them in small record stores. This was how they met new people through music taste and exciting conversations face to face about music. Later on, online music social networks have been invented particularly for these people. The writer introduces a new social network that was created and runs entirely by its users. This social network has attracted many users due to its main goal, which is discovering new music. Not only that, but also discovering new music through celebrities and many other users. Most social networks are now in the hands of fans.

​My opinion about this article is that I agree on how social networks include music that can be discovered among users. It makes them bond according to their different taste in music. Also, they can suggest to one another latest song and album releases. Celebrities can also share some favorite songs of their own and suggest them to their fans, which to me, seems that it is a good way of marketing. If there wasn’t social networks like these and instead just record stores, not everyone would be interested in going there to purchase songs. Instead, they would rather have everything right there in front of them and can get in touch with thousands of different users. This social network has a huge impact on music due to many downloaded and purchased songs made just by the network itself and the users running it. My opinion about social networks being in the hands of fans is that I strongly agree with it because without fans, there wouldn’t be any records sold.


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