71% of Facebook Users Engage in ‘Self-Censorship’ and ‘How American Adults Remain Anonymous Online’


In the article 71% of Facebook Users Engage in ‘Self-Censorship’ that was posted to Das’ website makes us understand the idea of censorship and the reasons as to why people do censor on Facebook. Self- Censorship is basically filtering what is about to be said before being officially posted on Facebook. The main reasons as to why people decide to censor are the following: Not wanting to start an argument or heated discussion, fear of hurting or offending people, had a feeling of their post getting redundant or boring, the post misrepresenting how they really are, and a glitch in the system. Indeed, if Facebook users do not share due to censorship for reasons like racist content, Facebook won’t be gaining a lot from it because it depends on people’s sharing and it’s going to lose value. I found it very odd that men who have male friends tend to censor their posts more than people who have a mixed group. It is natural for men to feel more comfortable and relaxed with men rather than women. Men can be themselves in front of each other and say/post the silliest stuff without being judged. When men have women on their Facebook, they would most probably act much more mature than they really are try to be as macho as they can, not showing their real identity. I found it utterly surprising. In our society, in comparison to the States, as stated, men post way more with men around them only, as do women. In the second article, How Americans Adult Remain Anonymous Online, they show us ways that American’s get ride off the things they search on the internet. 64% of cleared cookies and browser history and the top other three were deleted/edited something you posted in the past, set your brewer to disable or turn off cookies, and not used website because it asked for the real name. In all honesty, most of the things that are erased in the case of cleared cookies and brewer history is porn. A study shows that 50% of men deleted and clear their cookies and history in fear of their wives finding out what they have been searching and watching. The 21% of “asked someone to remove something about you” in my opinion, should be the highest of the charts for many reasons. First of all, it can make someone lose their job, by his/her superior’s seeing what they have been posting (inappropriate partying, doing illegal things, etc). Secondly, it can ruin a person’s personal life, because someone can go to a place without anyone knowing he was there, but then, someone posts a picture and tags him, letting all of his people on Facebook know where has been and what has he been doing. Thirdly, exclusivity. People don’t want to be known to other people whom they do not know, which would make them feel very uncomfortable since strangers know things about them, and that person doesn’t know that others are aware of his actions and the places he/she goes to. It’s a very dangerous situation to be in, thus censorship and clearing off things are much safer and keeps a person protected.


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