Arguably, playing video games is the trending activities for the young people that have turned them violent. Most of the video games have become bloodier and violent in nature than before thereby exposing the young to violent activities. For instance, researches have established that children playing violent are prone to act aggressively and violent at the end if not immediately (Carey, pg45). There is a notable trend of video games reacting on the dark digital fantasy in the recent years. For instance, a group of young men opens fire at a movie theater in Columbine High school, in Aurora. The exposure to computer games that are violent is the cause for the increasing violent activities by the young people.

The debate on the effect of violent video games is the raging issue and concern by the social scientist since 1980s. The issue is relevant to the current generation of video games owing to the new bloodier and violent versions. Notably, playing the violent games can influence one to be wild, urges one to be hostile and aggressive (Carey, pg46). This is because many of the video games do emphasize and promote violent themes. For instance, the games promote the killing of people and animals, foul language, obscenities and disrespect to the authority. These themes are dangerous since they can lead into drug abuse, stereotyping, and discrimination, sexual exploitation, and alcoholism.

However, other video games can help a child to develop useful skills. For instance, some video games can help a child to develop problem-solving skills, promote learning, and coordination and motor skills. Nonetheless, the excessive playing of the video games can affect concentration. The children with excessive exposure can develop the tendency to imitate violence and become immune to horror of violence. Children with emotional, learning, behavioral problems are more susceptible to violent gaming than those who do not play (Carey, pg48). This will lead to poor social skills, overweight due to lack of exercise, and time away from schools and family.

The gaming industry is downplaying the effects of the negative effects of playing video games terming it untrue. They suppose that playing this gaming helps in improving hand-eye coordination, perhaps playing non-violent games can yield the same result (Carey,pg47). The proponent of the violent games asserts that these games can help patients in pain management, prevention of asthma, and treatment of diabetes. In addition, they advocate for playing these games since they help in enhancing emotional, intellectual, and, social needs. Comparisons between watching TV and playing violent games are used to support their arguments.

The proponents of the violent games support it on the basis that it is active compared to watching TV, which is passive. Imperatively, this violent games are harmful since they encourage sleeping late into the night. This is worrying since research indicates that boys playing violent games have faster heart beat rates. In addition, the violent game causes exhaustion and elicits stress at bedtime (Carey, pg46 The stress factor impairs sleep to the children. Notably, the boys who play the violent games are prone to desensitization of the emotional and physiological effects. The children watching violent games do identify with the violent actor in the games. Therefore, there is a high chance that consistent watching of violent games can influence violent behaviors among the youth.




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