Digital or Reality?


Honestly, I do not think Facebook is negative for so many reasons. First of all, it lets you keep in close touch with your friends and families that are a millions miles of you, by updating their statuses (where they are, what they are doing/did, how they feel, etc). In addition, it lets you meet other people that you wouldn’t be able to in reality because of the time difference, for example, or for the business throughout the day, so you would leave a message. Also, if one uses Facebook in a correct way, not posting bad photos, it would be very easy and fun. Some might argue that it causes a person to cut all communications in reality, which I believe is not true at all. Just because one communicates online doesn’t mean he’s going to be mute in reality and not say a word and Facebook message someone sitting right next to him at the dinner table. Facebook has amazing news update. You can add CNN or Fox News as your friend on Facebook and be constantly updated on the news that is going on around the world. Facebook just helps us get in touch more with the world.


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