My Own World Essay


Saad Al Sabah

Ms. Conlon

Writer Workshop

Feb 16, 2012


“Oh look at him, his parents got him a G class Mercedes for his 18th birthday,” they say behind my back. Is this the first time I hear that? Not really. I heard it so many times before. Does it affect me? Not really. I don’t let them get under my skin that way because they don’t know anything about my parents or me. People like to judge based on what they see, without knowing the reasons behind it.

Back in the 1920’s, there was a man called Mubarak Al Sabah, who took over Kuwait with a group of his comrades, bringing life into this tiny country by trading and making good connections with it’s neighbors. He used to dive in into the ocean and retrieve pearls from the bottom, which was very risky due to the wavy seas and the sands that kick up from the sea’s ground.  Mubarak had children, one of them, my great grandparent, whole rules today. From Mubarak’s day to the Amir’s day, Kuwait has been through 2 major wars, which almost caused us destruction, but they managed to stick by their country and fight for it. They have a lot of rights to lavish themselves after this difficult journey. However, do the people support that? Not so much. People are selfish and greedy. Unfortunately, no matter how much good you do, it’s not good enough for them. What’s a man to do?

  Furthermore, they do it with this generation too, my generation. People talk about my car, watches, outgoings, and etc. What bothers me the most is that sometimes it’s my cousins, my own flesh and blood. They don’t get what I get because they don’t put the effort like I do. Little do they know that my mom wouldn’t let me leave school on the weekends if she sees a C on my report card or if she hears about any misbehavior in school. I’ve never drank nor done drugs, things my parents asked me to stay away from due to my religion and upbringing. It’s not easy to be in the states and get away from these things easily, so it took a lot of will power and effort. Planes and yachts don’t just fall down out of the sky for us. My great ancestors had no money at all before, back in the 1920’s. They were so poor that that they used to hand down clothes: they couldn’t afford anything other than food. Who would of knew that the rulers of Kuwait had this in the past? Well, that’s how it was. Until today, we work hard. My mother founded the American University of Kuwait, a liberal college in Kuwait, which was needed in Kuwait. Of course, people talked and said that she just did that for the attention, which is ridiculous, if only they knew her personally, and why would she pay for a university that is non profit to her from her own pocket money? Good things don’t usually happen to people who do bad things and have malevolent intentions.

            There’s nothing we can do about people who envy and despise your hard work and accomplishments because that’s the way the world is today. We try to change it, but it changes us. I believe that one should lavish himself from the accomplishments he made, as long as it does not hurt anybody. 


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