Most meaningful experience.


It wasn’t part of the plan at all for me to be here. I mean, even now, looking at my situation and where I am…it stills shocks. It’s just literally out of nowhere. I would have to say that the best experience I have ever had was coming to the Winchendon School, a college prep school in the middle of nowhere. I had the opportunity to go to Cushing, but I remained here because I made some pretty cool friends, who I did not want to leave. Not only that, I really like the way Winchendon rolls with the whole 8 students per class and sleep ins. However, the only thing I do not like is the whole “1’s” for the week and staying on campus, which I rarely get, thankfully. Before coming to the school, I took a lot of things for granted and did not open my eyes to the world and saw everything and reality. Mom told me that this would be a good decision become I would gain so much experience from dealing with different kinds of people from all over the world and another culture/society. She was right of course, mother knows all. Also, before coming to the Winch, I was always shy and nervous about everything, I had somewhat of an anxiety problem. The first months I was here, it still remained with me, which sucked. Although I hated it, I managed to work with it and deal with it. With time, luckily, it started to disappear, which was a relief to me. Moreover, I started to become way more social with all different kinds of people, who I never thought I would be friends with because we completely come from different worlds. In addition, it most importantly made me appreciate my parents and my maids to be honest, they work so hard for me, although I appreciated what they did, I did not appreciate it enough to the point where I want to do my thing on my own and let them do their own thing alone, so they don’t have to stress about themselves and myself. My friends here made me feel so down to earth at times. They told me about how they work at such a young age and how it feels, which was a slap to my face because I thought it was only in movies where kids work. I didn’t really know that kids here actually work to pay their college tuition. It just impressed me big time and made me look at the world differently. I’d like to write way more, but I don’t have all the information because my experiencing of this land isn’t done yet, not even close.


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