“This I believe” NPR Essay Reviews:


“I Am Still The Greatest” by Muhammad Ali.

– The title really inspired me because I wanted to know what was behind all that confidence of man saying things like that. The most part that inspired me was when he said “I never thought of the possibility of failing.” So much confidence and optimism. Also, “My will was stronger than their skills.” Basically, if there’s a will, there’s a way. He also had Parkinson’s disease, which took the life of someone close to me a few years ago, but Muhammed managed to hold the torch in the Olympics, which is when he realized that is he remains the greatest.

“Finding Freedom In Forgiveness” by Ronald Cotton and Jennifer Thompson-Cannino.

– I chose this essay because I believe in the title too, having past experiences that dealt with this issue. I thought it was amazing how after 11 years Jennifer decided to talk to Ronald, and he just forgave her like nothing happened, like she hadn’t tramped his innocent reputation, sent him to prison, and blaming the wrong person. I have a lot of respect for them for forgiving each other in situations like this when today’s generation wouldn’t forgive one another if someone was talked about behind his/hers back.

“Work Is A Blessing” by Russell Honore

– The title definitely intrigued me because my father, so does his father, told me that working is a blessing. Although I haven’t worked a day in my life, to be honest, I still appreciate the work that parents and children do for their parents and for their lives. This article makes me appreciate my life so much more than I already do.


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